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While the latest engine technology offers impressive reductions in emissions such as C02, site managers and workers should be aware this is only part of the story. Even the latest vehicle exhaust fumes still contain over 40 different substances classified as hazardous pollutants, 15 of which are carcinogenic (cancer-causing) to humans.

These pollutants are seen as contributors to the increasing numbers of cases of respiratory disease in the UK each year. What has happened is that, due to increasing efficiencies in fuel burning and exhaust recirculation, all these nasty particles in the emissions have got smaller (in fact 15-35 times smaller)

making them almost impossible to see.

But these improvements in engine efficiencies are carrying their tolls; research is now showing

  1. The reduced exhaust particle size is linked directly to an increase in asthma, and
  2. that if you happen to be a mechanic in a workshop, you are exposed to 5 times as much exhaust fumes as a city bus driver.

The good news is that well-proven solutions for dealing with this hazard still work well. Best practise is removal at source, by means of local exhaust ventilation (LEV). This is an ideal solution if the vehicles are stationery. Cross-flow ventilation may be adequate providing the fumes can be diluted and removed efficiently - this would often involve use of roof and/or wall mounted extract fans.

The alternative is to pass the exhaust fumes through a suitable filter. Depending on the size, some exhaust filters may be connected directly to the exhaust tailpipe, others connected by a flexible pipe.

The benefit of the portable exhaust filters is that they can be fixed to any piece of engine-driven equipment running in a confined space, whether it's a workshop, warehouse, tunnel, exhibition hall or on a construction site. So you can breathe again in safety, knowing that the dangerous vapours are being removed at source.

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