Air Sampling & Monitoring


The Airflo range of air quality testing and analysis instruments focuses on diesel exhaust emission control. Each instrument has been specifically selected from manufacturers globally and is suited to harsh environments.

Airtec real-time personal DPM monitor

The Airtec is the world's only personal monitor giving real-time readouts for elemental and total carbon without using a laboratory. It uses technology equivalent to the requirements of NIOSH 5040 and records both spot readings and time weighted averages. Data is viewed and downloaded via the Airtec software.

Pacific real-time DPM analyser

The Pacific is a real-time DPM analyser drawing diesel exhaust samples straight from the exhaust pipe and recording concentration in mg/m3. It performs the free acceleration test, the stall test and continuous monitoring as per current testing requirements.

AirXD real-time particulate analyser

The AirXD uses laboratory grade precision laser technology to continuously measure particulates of multiple sizes in harsh and hazardous environments. Accurate to within +/- 5%, AirXD captures up to 10,000 samples eery second and uses a unique algorithm to measure particulate matter sizes ranging from 0.35 micron to 40 micron. Data is stored on SD card and is viewed and downloaded via the AirXD software.

M700 real-time exhaust gas analyser

The M700 handheld exhaust gas analyser gives laboratory standard results, incorporating patented high sensitivity SEM sensors for extreme accuracy and repeatability, optional BAR 97 NDIR sensor options, optional velocity and mass volumetric flow calculations, sample conditioning and integral data printer.

Data can also be viewed and downloaded via the Enercom software by serial port, USB or Bluetooth.

DTE Temperature Logger

The DTE is an LCD digital thermometer designed for use in a wide range of industrial and process applications, with operational features such as MAX/MIN, recorded time and date, messaging feature, two alarm relays, and data logging. The rugged IP 65 rated housings and all stainless steel design offers protection from moisture and dust.