Airtec Personal DPM Monitor


As the only personal exposure monitor to accurately measure diesel particulte matter (DPM), Airtec leverages Elemental Carbon measurement technology developed by the diesel particulate group at the NIOSH Pittsburgh Research Laboratory.

Airtec diesel particulate monitors precisely replicate results from the NIOSH Method 5040 laboratory test but with the advantage of anytime/anywhere flexibility. By replacing lab tests, Airtec can significantly reduce DPM monitoring costs while making it easier to prevent non-compliance.

With lightweight, wearable monitors and real-time alarms for high DPM levels, operators can dramatically transform their over-exposure monitoring policies to enable a responsive, proactive approach to reducing DPM.

Product Features
Operational advantages
  • Lightweight, portable, rugged design

  • Large LCD backlit display

  • Worn on belt loop or mounted on vehicle/wall

  • High sensitivity to DPM

  • Flow-sensitive air pump

  • Equivalent results to NIOSH method 5040

  • 12 hour use on battery or mains AC power

  • Designed for harsh environments

  • Real-time results - no more waiting days or weeks for results

  • Decreased monitoring costs

  • Helps prevent MSHA non-compliance

  • Increased operator safety

  • High DPM level alarms

  • Bolsters confidence in a healthy environment

  • No filters to send to an outside lab

  • Easy to use interface

  • Verifies effectiveness of ventilation

  • Generates thousands of EC concentration values for less than a single NIOSH 5040 test

  • Specifically detects DPM (via EC measurements) - no sensitivity to other carbon sources

  • Windows compatible

  • Sorting of multiple recorded sessions

  • Full graphing capabilities for both Elemental and Total Carbon measurements:

    • 8 hour TWA​

    • Shift-weighted TWA

    • 5, 10 and 15 minute sample point average

  • Adjustable mine conversion factor for converting Elemental Carbon measurements to Total Carbon (NIOSH 5040 test required to determine conversion factor)

  • Adjustable flow rate

  • 8 hour TWA

  • 5, 10 and 15 point running averages

  • Sorts multiple sessions

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