M700 Combustion Emissions Analyser


The Enerac Model 700 is perfect for gathering extremely accurate and reliable data for internal needs as well as for the necessary emissions reporting requirements for local, district, county, state and federal agencies.

​The Enerac Model 700 combines a high quality tubing (Viton hose with its specific dimensions and flow rate) along with an accurate and reliable conditioning system (peltier cooler) with the additional benefits of the extremely accurate SEM sensors. The result is a Compliance-Level Emissions Analyzer that produces reliable, accurate data in the palms of your hands.

​The Enerac Model 700 comes with 500 internal storage buffers for storing collected data during a testing event.  With Enerac’s free Enercom software, one can use during the testing event or download the stored data at a later date. There is a serial port (RS 232 port), USB port and bluetooth for communicating with your Enerac Model 700 and your computer.

Product Features
  • Lightweight, portable, rugged design

  • Large LCD backlit 8 line display

  • Built-in printer

  • High sensitivity to DPM

  • Flow-sensitive air pump

  • Equivalent results to NIOSH method 5040

  • 12 hour use on battery or mains AC power

  • Designed for harsh environments

  • Real-time results - no more waiting days or weeks for results

  • Decreased monitoring costs

  • Built for compliance

  • Increased operator safety

  • SEM electrochemical sensors

  • Bolsters confidence in a healthy environment

Operational advantages
  • No filters to send to an outside lab

  • Easy to use interface

  • True NOx readings

  • Gas conditioning for more accurate sensing

  • Compatible with Enercom software

  • Windows compatible

  • For viewing and downloading of graphs and charts

  • Downloading stored data

  • Setting alarm values