Pacific DPM Analyser

Recent advances in mine safety and occupational hygiene have resulted in a large number of diesel vehicles and plant being fitted with particle filters. These filters, when working correctly, greatly reduce particle emissions, so it is essential that their efficiency can be periodically checked The Pacific provides the capability to perform these checks quickly and accurately.

Targeted engine maintenance can drastically reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) emissions which can contribute to serious health concerns.

The Pacific is the tool that mechanical and workshop staff need in order to reliably identify high DPM emitters, and to validate the effectiveness of emissions-related maintenance. It is highly automated, with only a single press-button required to initiate and run a test. It is designed for ease of use by maintenance personnel as an everyday workshop tool, after only minimal training, but retains the flexibility to support more complex research or investigative activities.

Routine maintenance of the dPM-RT is limited to checking and periodically replacing one disposable filter.

Product Features
  • Lightweight, portable and rugged designed for mining sites

  • Large LCD backlit display

  • Instant measurement of fine particulate levels in diesel exhaust

  • Easy to use on-screen prompts

  • Auto-generates and displays Stall and Free Accceleration tests

  • 12 hour use on battery or mains AC power

  • Designed for harsh environments

  • Real-time results straight from the tailpipe

  • Decreased monitoring costs

  • Helps prevent MSHA non-compliance

  • Increased operator safety

  • Bolsters confidence in a healthy environment

Operational advantages
  • No filters to send to an outside lab

  • Easy to use interface

  • Real time statistics for determining ventilation requirements

  • accurately and instantly measure particulate mass concentrations


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