AirXD Particulate Analyser



The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor uses lab-grade precision laser technology to continuously measure particulates of multiple sizes in harsh and hazardous environments. Improve air quality and protect the health of your workers.

IECEx certified and five times more accurate than the industry standard model, the Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Using a unique algorithm, the device can measure particulate matter (PM) sizes ranging from 0.35μm – 40μm (including PM1.0, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10 and Total Suspended Particles) and captures up to 10,000 samples every second.


The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor features:

  • Instant measurement of particulate matter sizes between 0.35μm – 40μm

  • Accurate to within +/-5% compared to +/-25% of current industry standard models

  • Sophisticated, algorithm captures up to 10,000 particulates per second

  • Reliable open flow device with no pumps or filters

Product Features
Operational advantages
  • Real-time warnings of dangerous dust levels in the environment

  • Lab-grade precision sensing; ensuring highly accurate and instantaneous measurement of dust particulates

  • Easy access to detailed information about PM sizes for deeper analysis

  • Simultaneous display of any combination of PM sizes on the screen

  • Designed for harsh environments

  • Real-time results - no more waiting days or weeks for results

  • No pumps or filters meaning ultra-high reliability and incredibly low maintenance

  • Bespoke software package for data visualisation and analysis

  • Live readings, historic data and graphs can be viewed or downloaded via the software

  • No filters to send to an outside lab

  • Easy to use interface

  • Verifies effectiveness of ventilation

  • Deployed as a standalone dust monitor or as part of a wider on-demand dust control and suppression system, the Air XD is accurate to within +/- 5%. For operation-wide control and visibility, data from the unit can be fed into a SCADA interface.

Analysing and reporting
  • Collating, analysing and reporting data is essential for any instrumentation. AIR XD makes this fast and easy both on device and via simple and convenient application software

  • View live readings, download historic data and output detailed graphs using the AIR XD application software. Focus on areas of concern and see the detailed PM size composition

  • Spot trends and gain insights on how best to protect your people, processes and the environment. Go beyond box-ticking to improve employee health, the working environment and operational efficiency