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It all began in the summer of ‘72, when Doncaster was home to International Harvesters, British Coal, ICI Fibres, Nuttall’s Mintoes and Parkinson’s Butterscotch; when you could set your watch by the Plant Works’ hooter and the song of the Deltic was music to your ears. As a kid, it seemed that as far as the eye could see the landscape was a thrilling scene of mine heads and cooling towers and the skies were frequented by Vulcan, Concorde and the GoodYear airship.

That’s all changed now. Except for one thing. The challenges to air quality in the workplace are now more real than they were then because of the increasing awareness of responsibilities towards occupational health and hygiene. Which is where we fit in.

We’re here to respond to your urgent needs, quickly, reliably and responsibly. What we’re known for best is on-demand short-term rental solutions for ventilation, dust and fume extraction, climate and humidity control.

It means that if you have to take measures to meet an immediate need with regards to air quality, or you are planning maintenance or remedial works that will potentially create dust or fumes, or at the height of summer you need to provide cooling or ventilation to maintain the productivity of your workforce, we are your response team.

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