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What others are saying about diesel emissions

Read what London is saying about diesel emissions here and have a think about how it could affect you.

Retrofit abatement technology (RAT) is available to reduce diesel exhaust emissions to a compliant standard. Anyone running an NRMM fleet (Non-Road Mobile Machinery) will know about the requirements of London’s LEZ (Low Emission Zone) and the need to comply with respect to exhaust emissions.

Realistically, what this means is that all plant and machinery not currently operating to Euro 6 or Tier 4 standards has to be either adapted with some form of RAT or replaced. It's not just London - many of the major cities have already released their Low-Emission Strategy and it will spread country-wide before we know it.

Working in enclosed or confined spaces is another story, where, contrary to popular belief, even Euro 6 and Tier 4 engine technology isn’t sufficient and machinery must be fitted with a RAT. Even then, the area must always be ventilated to dilute and flush out the gases.

A simple DPF will physically remove over 99% of cancerous carbon particulates, whilst a catalytic converter or SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) will drastically reduce the harmful effects of the gas emissions.

Have a talk to us about emissions testing and filtering - we're always on hand to help.

High emissions - London taxi in traffic

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