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What they eye don't see the lungs are choking over

With 93% of our world’s children breathing toxic air every day, and with hundreds of thousands of children dying each year due to respiratory infections, what is this telling us about the sustainability of a quality global workforce?

A recent survey by CCS (Considerate Constructors Scheme) reveals that out of 84% of UK construction workers recognising that air pollution is a current issue on sites, 64% feel that the industry is not doing enough to address it.

However, it’s more than statistics, it’s an obligation. Nobody and nothing should be suffering because of poor air quality on site when it can be dealt with so simply. It’s all about protecting workers’ health and increasing productivity.

Our focus is on maintaining sustainable and safe working environments by:

- real-time monitoring of airborne pollutants including diesel particulates

- dealing with dust and fumes at source

- preventing ingress or egress of pollutants with pressurised ventilation

- relieving fresh air deprivation in confined working spaces by forced air ventilation

- relieving heat stress and exhaustion with air cooling and ventilation

Specialists in air quality management since 1972, Airflo Envirorental supplies temporary rental solutions for dust and fume control to construction and demolition contractors. We also provide specialist temperature and humidity control to renovation and remedial works for the comfort of workers and for the stabilising of building materials.

For civil engineering projects involving tunnels, culverts, shafts and mines, we specify and design critical monitoring and ventilation solutions for personnel health and pollution control.

The most important thing is that we take time to understand the challenges you are faced with and we listen to what you are saying. By working with the HSE and other industry professionals we offer simple and effective solutions for combating health and air quality issues on site.

Our extensive range of ventilation and air quality control equipment includes: ventilation fans, extraction fans, diesel particulate filters, air scrubbers, dust extractors, jet misters, electric and oil heating equipment, boilers, air conditioners, chillers, evaporative coolers, cooling fans, refrigerant and desiccant drying equipment.

Additionally, by providing real-time evidence with our air quality monitoring equipment for diesel particulates, dust and gases, you can satisfy yourself and the inspectorate that you are doing what is required to keep within the regulations and in the best interests of your business.

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